10 Beautiful Awning Installations for Inspiration – NC Pool Supply


that’ll work with the architecture of your home, its cost and style you’re looking to give your home.

The cost of a awning window installation will depend on the brand, manufacture, size, and material. A high-end awning can cost over $1,200 but you may find something nice for considerably lower. The highest-priced materials for awnings is steel and wood, and the least costly ones include PVC, aluminum or composite, fiberglass and vinyl.

Since they are able to be set on top of walls, awnings let air flow freely. They serve to give natural ventilation and sunlight as long as they’re high enough without losing privacy, and other elements of style such as artwork or furniture arrangements.

View this instructional video from the SlideHouse to learn more about the various kinds of awnings you could use based on the property’s architectural design and appearance. It provides protection from the solar heat but can also add beauty to your home or work.


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