4 Common Types of Industrial Welding – Alabama Wild Man


You can learn the necessary abilities to handle the majority of industrial welding jobs by choosing welding as a profession. In the video below the host will explain the distinctions between the four most common types of welding used by firms in commercial operations.

The first time he talks about stick welding is as shielded metal-arc welding. The type of welding described is one that is older. This is not the strongest or most durable kind of welding, and it requires some maintenance.

Next, he describes flux core arc welding. When welding this way the heat generated is created by the DC electric arc and fed through a tube-shaped electrode. It looks like stick weldingbut requires different equipment.

Also, he discusses MIGTIG and MIG welding. They are performed in an oxygen-free atmosphere. MIG welding makes use of an feedwire, whereas the TIG welding process uses rods that are long. Both require special equipment and equipment because of their very low levels of oxygen and the extremely high temperatures used in the welding process.

For more information on industrial welding, talk to professional welding firms within your region for assistance or access to equipment that is used by professionals.

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