A Healthy Living Home Cleaning and Maintenance Schedule for the Aging Population

You’ll need to put in a lot of energy. It is possible for a lightweight vacuum to be smaller and fits into the space more tightly. If someone you love has mobility issues, using an air-tight vacuum is ideal since it’s less likely that they’ll experience pain and difficulty. A microfiber duster is the best choice for cleaning. Some of the most troublesome areas can be any surfaces open. Additionally, it may be required to scrub the ductwork.

A great trick to be aware of: If the insulation in the building is old It’s a good idea to search for companies that have a specialization in removal of old insulation. It’s because insulation that has been used for quite a while can begin to degrade and turn into dusty. It’s much more difficult to keep surfaces clean from these particles.

Get rid of the fridge

A healthy balanced diet is an essential part of having a healthy and happy life at each person’s golden years. In the case of seniors, extra care has to be taken so that it is easier to eat well. If your fridge is filled with expired or moldy fooditems, it’s essential to create a plan for getting rid of the house as well as maintaining the fridge. A refrigerator that’s filled with unclean leftovers, as well as expired and non-nutritive food items increase the likelihood of food poisoning and illness. Also, malnutrition may result from eating food that isn’t edible that could be an imminent threat to elderly citizens’ health.

Cleaning the fridge not part of the regular house cleaning and maintenance program it’s all too simple to let things get out of control. If the situation is uncontrollable it is possible to restore order by throwing away rotten foods and throwing them away in plastic bags. You should clean the fridge completely. In order to make it easier for you in the future the best option is to set up a system in which perishable foods are thrown out in specific times. Foods that are healthy include veggies and fruits.


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