Globi Web Solutions Now Integrating Websites with CRMs

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State of the art website design and digital marketing solutions company improves the way people manage their websites by integrating business management systems into a sleek and modern website design

Calgary, Alberta Globi Web Solutions is pleased to announce that they are now integrating websites with other systems, including CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and Project Management software. Traditionally, most websites capture form data and transfer it in an email address. The design experts at Globi Web Solutions recognize that email is often as prone to error as it is tough to manage and that ideally, form data from a website should populate database solutions like CRM and Project Management software.

A More Effective Way

A contact form on a website should create new leads in the CRM, while a support request should create an entirely new ticket in the Help Desk. This kind of approach will help to streamline the process for any company that incorporates it. Globi Web Solutions knows that being able to provide the best service possible to a customer is a goal of every business. With new programs like these being integrated into websites, clients will be able to help their customers more efficiently than ever before.

Over the course of its fourteen year history, Globi Web Solutions has come to understand that two of the most important criteria to consider when designing a website are navigability and ease of use. Streamlining a website in this manner makes it easier for customers to browse on any device, including mobile devices.

Stop Struggling With Your Business

Globi Web Solutions implemented these changes because they continued to see clients struggle with the management of their businesses. Smaller companies especially can benefit from the addition of CRMs and other business management software to their websites. Globi Web Solutions frequently uses Podio ( to integrate website forms with their clients businesses processes. This helps to further increase the overall effectiveness of both their website and their business operations.

A business that wants to draw in more customers and grow profits will find their goals easier to achieve with Globi Web Solution’s integrative approach.

Globi Web Solutions is an Accredited Business with the BBB (Better Business Bureau), and continually strives to reach new heights in the world of website design, online marketing, process optimization and web applications. Those that are interested in learning more about this company can visit, or call 403.775.0590. Find out more about this topic here: Calgary web designer

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