How Does General Anesthesia Work for Childrens Dental Care? – Clear Aligners For Teens

General anesthesia can be used to the plex procedure in dentistry. It is administered to patients who undergo invasive procedures, or if patients feel anxious or displays a challenging behaviour. The video below will show how anesthesia functions.

Prior to the procedure, observe your child’s health closely. If your child has sickly cough or fever or a cough, contact the center for pediatric dentistry immediately. An anesthesiologist then can determine whether or not the procedure is put off or delayed.

Children shouldn’t drink anything prior to surgery. It reduces the chances that your child will aspirate. It is important that your child report to school before 6:45 am. It is not possible to eat or drink anything after midnight. If they are reporting after 6:30 am, they cannot consume anything after midnight but is allowed to drink water that is clear for as long as two hours prior check-in time.

At the time of the visit, the personnel will review the history of your child’s health and conduct a physical examination. This procedure is explained and your consent is taken. The doctor will apply in your child’s face a mask in order to administer the medicine. Throughout the process, crucial symptoms will be carefully monitored. Following the procedure, make sure your child is rested and drinks enough fluids.

If you’re having any queries about general anesthesia consult your pediatric dentist’s center.


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