How to Pick the Right Vinyl Siding for Your Home – Family Reading

Watch the video for how to use vinyl siding. Below are two things you should consider when selecting the appropriate type of siding for your house:

Does vinyl made from PVC (polyvinylchloride) something a customer wants? Or maybe they’d prefer polyethylene or polymers? There are advantages and disadvantages to every type of material therefore it is important to know what they are before making your final decision. The primary benefit that comes with PVC is its durability. Polyethylene polymers are also easier and more flexible to install, however they are less susceptible to being damaged by weather.

Install Options

What type of installation the siding you are using will decide the type and design of vinyl siding that meets the needs of your home. There are three types of vinyl siding, including pressure sensitive (PS) and self-adhesive and mechanically connected. SA Types do not require special instruments or equipment. MA varieties require specific tools like an air gun or caulking gun to work properly during installation. PS Types fall between the two extremes. Contact home for more details!


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