How to Use a Drum Style Sewer Snake – Code Android

There are two types of drains: pipes and drains. It functions by rotating its own like a drill and cutting the pipe material within the pipe. This video shows how to use a sewer snake for the purpose of drain cleaning.

Sewer Snake Sewer Snake is a relatively recent invention, however it’s popularity has exploded. In fact, it’s now employed by hundreds of hundreds of homeowners every year. Why wouldn’t homeowners use this method of clearing the blockages in their drainage?

Sewer snakes have a flexible hose that allows users to check underground pipes without digging trenches in order to reach them. These hoses are also used by maintenance personnel to clean clogged sewers or drains, and prevent backflow from entering dwellings. The longer the snake the easier it is to move through narrow spaces.

For use to use it, one inserts the drum head in the pipe and then pushes it into the pipe using pressure from a hand. The action causes the drum head to spin through the pipe. While the drum heads spins the pipe, it clears any debris that has accumulated on the wall of the pipe. After the dirt has been eliminated, water is able to flow smoothly through the pipe.


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