Interview with Sharp Packaging


Sharp Packaging Solutions has been providing unique packaging solutions to pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry leaders for seven years. We had a chance to sit down with Client Development and Relationship Manager Bob Macadangdang to talk about the company’s success.

Mr. Macadangdang, could you please share with us a little about what Sharp Packaging Solutions does?

Sharp Packaging Services is a global leader in contract packaging. Working from our state-of-the-art facilities across the United States and Europe, we provide unique and often complex commercial and clinical packaging solutions to the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry. We’ve built an international reputation for delivering cost-effective blister packaging, bottling, pouches and stick packs, compliance packaging, formulation and manufacturing services, label design and printing.

Your industry sounds like a fairly specialized one. How do you make sure you’re found by companies who need your services?

We market through websites, magazine advertisements, and trade shows.

You mentioned marketing through websites. How has technology and increased connectivity changed the way you market Sharp Packaging Services?

Technology has put us on a different level from our competitors. The internet has definitely exposed our company to general public and we are getting more and more business leads. However, the conversion rate is still not where we would like it to be, but it definitely puts us in the hunt for new business.

Do you have particular goals for the future growth of your business?

We’d like to see consistent double-digit percentage growth every year.

Sharp Packaging Solutions is located at 7451 Keebler Way in Allentown, PA. Learn more online at, or call 610-366-8784.


Clinical storage and distribution, Clinical packaging and labelling, Pouches, Stability studies, Blister packaging, Over-encapsulation and placebo manufacture.

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