Is a Second Story Addition Possible for My Home? – Shine Articles

It may seem like the house isn’t really there, but in reality, it could be possible to make a different story available to your property. The addition of a second story could increase the worth of your home and can help you get the most out of your investment when the house is listed for sale. Do you have the right home for a second-story addition? In this short video the expert will discuss whether you could add an additional story to your home.

When you are thinking of building a second-story addition It is essential to make sure that your foundation can hold up to the extra space. This may not be possible to be determined by how long it has been since your foundation was placed or repaired. It is possible to hire an expert to inspect your home’s foundation and let you know how much weight it could hold, so your home and family will be safe.

There is a possibility to add the second story of your house if this is what you want, however you must be aware of any issues in your home that can cause problems prior to commencing this work. This video will demonstrate how you can make your home adequate for adding the second story.


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