Laying Pine Pellet Horse Stall Bedding – Maine’s Finest

It’s not easy to find out the best way to balance the costs and provide ease for horses. Yet, knowing how you can use pine pellets could allow you to accomplish both. Placing horse stalls with pine pellets bedding is affordable while also providing comfort to your animal, and easy on you.

The first step is getting the pellets. A typical stall for horses will require between 6 and 15kg of pellets. Lay down a layer of dry pellets with several bags. The pellets will assist in the capture of moisture.

After that, you’ll have to add more water to other pellet bags so that you can get them as soft and smooth like sawdust. The bags should be filled to the max with around one gallon of water, but the amount will vary dependent on the type of pellet. Then, place each ag in an empty bucket. Slowly blend the water on top to prevent spills. The water might not soak fully into the pellets in a short time. Therefore, it is crucial to allow the buckets to stand for a while before adding water.

Please see the attached video for more information about the horse-stall bedding made of pine pellets.


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