Man Sentenced to 60 Days in Prison For – United States Laws

Airlines may charge a fee at times. The passengers who are delayed are typically difficult for flight agents. They’re taught to talk down passengers and diffuse situations before they get out of control. Some situations can escalate to violence. It’s the case with the video.

The incident started with a Miami-based male trying to attract the female attendants on flight. This caused quite a commotion. Man began throwing punches and had to be restrained. The police restraining him used attaching his chair to the back of the seat until he was removed by the police. The man was taken immediately in custody following his landing. He may have to contact a bondsman, but it’s likely he was held without bail. This is the case especially in cases of criminals who commit violent crimes. One thing that is surprising in this particular case was that the suspect was only sentenced to 60 days in prison. There is the possibility of spending as long as a year in prison for similar offenses. But, this man appears to have learned from his mistakes. He won’t fly anytime soon.


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