Pro Tool Warehouse Rolls Out New Niche Website

Where to buy tools online products designed to improve safety conditions in the workplace.

Atlanta, GA August 20 , 2013 Pro Tool Warehouse, a high quality tool supplier, is announcing the expansion of its online retail presence with a new niche product website. The new website,, went live in July 2013. is a sub-site within the group of websites. With the addition of this new website, Pro Tool Warehouse intends to greatly expand its reach to individuals and businesses in need of specialized tools.

Expanded Growth

Pro tool warehouse already makes use of multiple websites. is currently the largest site, with approximately 10,000 professional tools listed across many categories. The company also has niche websites for key categories, the latest of which is

The new website has been designed specifically to meet the needs of workers whose jobs require them to work from an elevated platform or position, such as aerospace workers, windmill maintenance, scaffolding and the manufacturing of large equipment. The website provides the equipment and tools that help protect people working in these difficult conditions. These workers need a way to have tethered tools safely connected to them. The specially designed equipment available from prevents the tools from falling and safeguards the people and the workspaces below.

“This market has never had a fully engineered and planned solution for tethered tools,” said Derek Griffin, Managing Partner of Pro tool warehouse. “The products we are selling meet a definite need in these unique working conditions and while the potential to save damage to equipment from falling objects is important, the possibility of saving a life from a falling tool is very real. Falling objects are the fourth leading cause of death in the workplace and we want to change that statistic. We partnered with Snap-on Industrial Brands to be their leading distributor for this line, delivering specifically designed tools to the end user.”

Additional Promotions and Deals

Pro Tool Warehouse is also pleased to provide its customers with quarterly promotions based on the special pricing Pro Tools Warehouse is able to arrange with manufacturers and suppliers.

Pro Tool Warehouse has been serving its customers for over six years from its home base in Atlanta, Georgia. Those who are interested in learning more about what this company has to offer are welcome to visit online at and

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