Starting an AC Repair Company – Small Business Managed IT Support

People are curious about details including when and when to begin an AC repair service. Zack is often asked questions like how many years working for a different company prior to starting his own. Zack explained that he started working with contractors in the industry of cooling and HVAC at the time of 2002. Before starting his company in 2002, he was a contractor for over ten years. His company started out as something he could do as a side-project after his regular work. Then, Zack went full-time with his own AC repair firm in 2014 when he realized he wanted to do things according to his own way and take control of his company’s operations.

The second question was about how he got clients to start the AC repair business. Though some of his customers were following him, other customers went through different avenues, like posting on Craigslist and Facebook. Not much success came from the latter, however. Now, he refers the majority of customers to him from satisfied customers.


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