The Northernmost Town in the United States – Toronto Poets

ear. It is a day to celebrate the fact for the heating system we have to ensure that we are warm and cozy despite the frigid temperature. Heating is a necessity in the further north you travel. The same is true when you consider the US’s northwestern town. This video will learn about the town of Barrow.

Barrow can be located around 3,000 miles north of California. It’s at the tip of Alaska. The climate is severe. It is never entirely melted and plants only grow an inch. The sun here won’t go down for months at one period. In the other time of the year, it isn’t possible for the sun to rise for long at the same moment. It’s a region that is a place of extremes. It could be the hottest day in summer for the rest of the states and yet it’s snowing here.

Barrow can also be reached with planes. Roads stop just miles outside of the town. The climate would cause the roads to be demolished. Every road here is dirt roads. Furthermore, almost all food has to be transported using airplanes. Wow, what a unique location.


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