The Real Reason Persian Rugs Are So Valuable – Shopping Magazine

rs. What is it that makes Persian rug rugs so costly and valuable? This video explains why. Persian rug designs have been made widely known throughout the world. The rugs are believed to have originated in Iran (formerly Persia). Persian rug are coveted for their artistic appeal and skilled craftsmanship. They are typically made from silk or wool, and often have elaborate and intricate designs.

Persian carpets are found in plenty of homes as well as establishments across the globe. Each rug can be considered an art piece, reflecting the history and culture of its owner. High-end Persian carpets can be valued at hundreds to thousands of dollars, and sometimes even millions of dollars. The most expensive carpet, nevertheless, was an antique Persian carpet from the 17th century that cost $33.8 million.

The process of knotting is specific and requires lots of perseverance and knowledge. The average rug has more than a thousand knots in a square foot. It could take a long time to finish. Making these carpets requires creativity because the weaver is permitted to create inspiration and speak what’s in their minds.


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