These Top Christmas Present Ideas Go Way Beyond Basic Gifts for Guys – Sales Planet

Basic gifts for guys An original and thoughtful gift!
Tech Organizer

Buy him an organizer for tech if you have a lot of cables about. The little gadget can prevent your cables from getting strangled broken, damaged, or even stolen.

Acne Treatment

Products for beauty aren’t usually thought of to be for males, but there are many high-end acne treatment that can be used by a man facing this issue. This will assist him in getting rid of acne and get back his confidence, which is always good!

Minipresso Portable Espresso Maker

Espresso makers should definitely not be thought of as essential gifts for those who appreciate their cup of coffee! Get him a portable espresso maker and enjoy quality coffee no matter where he goes, whether the trip is to hike to the top of a mountain, or working all night in the office.

Craft Beer Club

Does your guy adore craft beers? It’s not necessary to think about the gift you should give him. Consider a membership to an artisanal beer group which will deliver beer samples from different craft beers for him to enjoy each month over the course of a year. You’ll be looking forward to those packages and tasting each month for the first time at the conclusion of the month!

Cosmetic Dentist Service

Are you concerned about your man’s smile. Do you wish to provide him the motivation to walk around grinning every day? You can pay for a dentist’s appointment that’ll get his teeth sparkling soon! While it might sound strange however, your son will certainly appreciate the gift!

Audio Sunglasses

A pair of headphones is ideal for any guy that loves the latest gadgets, technology or even electronics. These shades are fantastic as they block the sun , while playing music through mini speakers. This is a truly cutting-edge present.


Though boots may not seem to be the best manly gift but they’re a good choice if you pick the appropriate pair. Find a pair you love.


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