Ultimate Guide to Different Stones for Engagement Rings – Freelance Weekly

K for engagement rings. They can cost a lot. What other stones are available?

The most popular alternative to the diamonds that are used in engagement rings is amethyst. While it’s not as strong as diamonds, it is more attractive. It’s the ideal main piece in side stone engagement rings that are surrounded by colourless diamonds.

The other option of engagement rings stones is sapphire. It is usually an blue stone, however it is also available in various colors including pink, green, white, and yellow.

Morganite is among the three choices to be used as the third choice for engagement rings stones. This stone is very pretty and feminine, and according to bridalmusings.com It’s among the most commonly used stones for engagement rings.

The fourth option in diamonds for engagement rings is moissanite. This stone is great to those who would like the look and feel of diamonds, but at a less than a quarter of the cost.

It is the 5th choice to be used in engagement rings. The shade of the stone comes from a combination from a range of different colors. It is true that the green color is most popular.


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