Understanding Medical Catheters – Healthy Huntington

to empty the bladder and collect urine into drainage bags. While this is the most well-known and one that is most often used however, it is also used for other purposes.

Catheters are most frequently applied to patients who’ve undergone surgery or procedure regarding the bladder, colon, or the urinary tract. Catheters can be utilized after any kind of urinary retention.

If you or your family member will need a catheter for any reason, it’s important to learn about its uses and the functions. The procedure of inserting the catheter is described on this instructional video. This video will assist you to become familiar with the procedure and also your loved ones with the process. Though it isn’t easy and stressful at times These informative videos will allow you to calm down.

It is common to use catheters for medical procedures. Inserting catheters is common. Your doctor or nurse will help you with any additional, more specific queries you ask. eemijclutu.

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