What Is the Difference Between Category 6 Cables and 6a Cables? – Remodeling Magazine

If you want to set up internet cabling to connect your company’s internet If you want to install internet cabling for your business, there are plenty of choices. Category 6 and 6a cables are accessible, and offer various advantages. Continue reading to discover what the distinction is between category 6 cables as well as category 6a cables.

The category 6a cables tend to be slightly thicker that category 6. This is because category 6a cabling offers an additional gigabyte of capacity. Category 6 cables are used for 1 gigabyte networking all across 328 feet. However, category 6a cabling offers 10 gigabytes of bandwidth over an area of 328 feet.

Category 6 cables will cost you more than category 6a cable when it comes to cost. The reason is the smaller gigabyte size as well as the price of installation. Cat 6 cables may be more difficult to install as compared to category 6a cables. The result is higher prices for installation.

Although cat 6a cables are able to provide greater gigabytes of data, if your business is able to operate using Category 6 cables, it is an ideal choice due to the installation costs in addition to the cost of cable.

To learn more about what the difference is between category 6 cables as well as 6a cables, watch the video below!


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