What to Look for to Repair Roofing Storm Damage – Family Game Night

Ge can be caused by strong winds and can result in fallen tree limbs and other particles.

The homeowner should look the signs of damage when taking a look at their roof. At first, they need to check for any exposed nails to the roof. This can indicate that part of the roof has become loose that needs fixing. Also, they should look for flashing, especially in the area around the chimney. The force of wind can break the metal apart and create spaces in the roof that allow the rain to penetrate. To avoid leakage any fittings or parts should be repaired.

A broken pipe jack can cause leakage on the roof. Debris from the storm can create damage to the sealant and lead the sealant to crack. This can lead to water leakage through the walls of the house. Also, you should look for loose or damaged shingles and weak spots. Identify any potential weak spots and fix them before any additional damage is caused.

These are the main points to check for in a roof inspection.


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