When Should I Call a Disability Attorney? – Legal Videos

If you’re trying to enforce the rights of your loved ones, there are four scenarios in which you’ll need to contact a disability lawyer. Read on to find out when you need to contact the disability attorney.

The application for benefits is the initial step to take in your case. This is where the business learns of your disability. If this is done improperly they could use it against you by suing you, so contact a disability lawyer to apply for benefits.

Ongoing claim handling: There is no such guarantee of disability benefits. If your insurance company decides that you’re not qualified for benefits, they could be denied. This re-approval process happens every month, and it can be managed by a disability attorney.

Appeal: If you are denied a claim, if it is denied, you will require an appeal. It allows you to supply all the necessary information in order to convince the insurance company that the original decision was not right. An appeal is then sent to a different department and the doctors will review it.

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