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Sharp Packaging Solutions Announces Upcoming Joint Venture

Sharp Packaging Solutions Announces Upcoming Joint Venture

own, PA - October 30, 2013 - Sharp Packaging Solutions has been providing its clients with packaging solutions for seven years and is pleased to announce plans for a new venture in which Sharp will partner...

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Reid Supply Company Expands Product Inventory

Reid Supply Company Expands Product Inventory

Muskegon, MI - October 21, 2013 - Reid Supply Company, a provider of industrial products for manufacturers and businesses, recently announced the addition of 97 new inventory items to its selection of...

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Reid Supply Company Spurs Customer Productivity with Release of New Product Inventory

Reid Supply Company Spurs Customer Productivity with Release of New Product Inventory

Muskegon, MI - October 21, 2013 - Reid Supply Company, serving manufacturers and machine builders around the world with knobs, handles, hand wheels, clamps, tooling components, fasteners, hardware, and...

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SS Specialties Developing Big Ideas for Upcoming Show

Written by PR Wire Services. Posted in Home Improvement

Decorative concrete in retail projects

Oklahoma City, OK – January 20, 2014 – The largest decorative concrete show in the world will be held in Fort Worth, Texas, and SS Specialties is working hard to design an incredible booth that will be sure to turn heads. According to President Doug Bannister, “We are in the planning stages of designing a booth at the world’s largest decorative concrete show… this year’s theme is currently under development but we promise our booth will be over the top and well-received.” Certainly, the booth created by Bannister’s team will be one that every visitor will want to check out.
In the past, SS Specialties has set a precedent for innovation and standing out at the show. According to Bannister, “Last year we made a concrete car that actually ran using all SS Specialties product for the body.” Concrete is generally reserved for the road, and a car made from concrete is particularly rare. That type of creative thinking has helped Bannister’s company become one of the industry leaders and earn all kinds of recognition.
The company takes pride in the number of awards it has been given, and the list is extensive. Bannister notes that they have won the “Most Innovative Products awards from The World of Concrete and Hanley Wood for the following products: SLICK’EM, One Day Floors, enCOUNTER, and Rainbow Waterborne Stain System.” On top of that, Bannister himself has been recognized as one of the 10 most influential people in concrete and was inducted into the Decorative Concrete Hall of Fame in 2010.
It will be interesting to see what Bannister and his team will be able to come up with this year. Following up a concrete car might be difficult, but SS Specialties has a long track record of innovation and great ideas. Since the show does not start until the end of September, they have lots of time to customize their booth and create something that will please the crowd and help them remember the SS Specialties brand.
Company Name: SS Specialties
Contact Name: Doug Bannister
Phone Number: (866)-906-2006
Address: 125 NE 40th Street OKC, OK 73105
Company Website:


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Pro Torque Tools Meets Customer Demand with Introduction of New Inventory

Written by PR Wire Services. Posted in Automotive

Measuring torque

Atlanta, GA – November 15, 2013 – Pro Torque Tools has been providing torque-related tools to the industrial community for four years, serving a worldwide customer base. This month, the company proudly announced its decision to add new multipliers to its inventory, thereby completing its line of PTT Planetary Gear Torque Multipliers.

The company’s site explains the value of the new multipliers, noting, “Anywhere there’s a high torque, confined space situation, a torque multiplier should be close at hand. Not only will a torque multiplier help make sure your fasteners are properly tightened, but it will help improve worker efficiency — two things which add up to an increase in productivity.” Intended to make tough turning jobs in confined spaces simpler, the new torque multipliers range from 2000 Nm- 1,476 feet to 20,000 Nm, 14,760 ft. lbs.

The site goes on to explain, “Through a relatively simple arrangement of gears, a torque multiplier is needed when a prescribed amount of torque must be applied to threaded fasteners having a diameter of one inch or more, and/or when fasteners must be accurately tightened in a workspace which precludes the use of a torque wrench with a long arm length.”

Four new multipliers were added to the company’s inventory:

  • PTTM – 20W – This small tool has a 16:1 ratio for applications of up to 1,476 feet.
  • PTTM – 100W – Generating massive output torque with minimal input force, this tool boasts a 36:1 ratio and a maximum output of 7,380 foot lbs.
  • PTTM – 150W – At a 61:1 ratio and maximum output of over 11,000 foot lbs, this tool is designed for large scale use.
  • PTTM – 200W – The largest multiplier in Pro Torque Tools’ warehouse has a 67:1 ratio with a maximum output of 14,760 foot pounds.

The completion of the Planetary Gear line of torque multipliers is a cause for celebration at Pro Torque Tools, where customers can now find solutions for any high torque problem.

Pro Torque Tools is located in Atlanta, GA at 1123 Zonolite Road, Suite 3. For more information about the company and its newly completed line of multipliers, visit or call (404) 990-3925.

Company Name: Pro Torque Tools
Contact Name: Andrea Davidson
Phone Number (404) 990-3925
Email Address:
Company Website:


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Sharp Packaging Solutions Announces Upcoming Joint Venture

Written by PR Wire Services. Posted in Business


own, PA – October 30, 2013 – Sharp Packaging Solutions has been providing its clients with packaging solutions for seven years and is pleased to announce plans for a new venture in which Sharp will partner with a long-time client.

Sharp and its partnering company will work together on packaging thin film materials, and though the customer has not yet been named, details about the team’s plans are available. The partner will invest $1 million into the venture for three years and provide a machine to cut thin film products to a specific size and shape before sandwiching them between foil material for an air-tight seal. It is expected that by the end of the third year, the machine will have produced around 20 million units a year.

Currently Sharp Packaging Solutions and its client partner are waiting on legal and supply agreements for review in order to determine liabilities and commitments and are also waiting to approve a capital appropriation request document which will outline background, business case, the amount requested, and ROI calculations. At this time, Sharp Packaging is planning to close the deal within 30 days.

As a result of this venture, Sharp Packaging Solutions is expecting to expand its offerings, increasing both the amount and quality of services available to its customers. Coming around the same time as a new serialization initiative and the launch of Sharp Packaging’s new website, this major update is part of a major leap forward for the company.

Sharp Packaging Solutions is located at 7451 Keebler Way in Allentown, PA. To learn more about Sharp Packaging Solutions and its new business venture, visit


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Alliance Express Launches New Product to Meet Consumer Demands

Written by PR Wire Services. Posted in Home Improvement

Rubber grommets online

Erie, PA – December 20, 2013 – Alliance Express, an international distributor of protection and finishing products, is excited to announce the launch of stepped grommets, a black PVC product that guarantees wires necessary protection. The new line will be available for sale immediately.

The parts manufacturer and e-commerce based distributor is adding the line of new, stepped grommets to its already extensive selection. The newly introduced black, PVC stepped grommets protect wires, cables, tubing, and hosing. Alliance Express, a member of both the National Fluid Power Association (NFPA) and Mid-Atlantic Fasteners Distributors Association (MAFDA), sells stepped grommets that accommodate many different cable sizes and applications. Before cutting, the new line of grommets may also be used as blanking plugs.

Stepped grommets are not the only recent addition to the company’s many wares. Over the past few months, Alliance Express added 6,200 new products to meet increasing consumer demand. These products join Alliance Express’ current stock of more than 500 million protective parts.

The parts manufacturer and distributor attributes five years of successful sales growth to its increasingly broad selection of finishing and protection products, and dedication to the customer service experience. Alliance Express is confident in the customer service team’s ability to quickly and efficiently respond to prospective buyer requests and concerns, and the company offers clients same day shipping on 10,000 standard products. The seller has a range of locations, including premises in Albany, NY; Chicago, IL; Erie, PA; Greensboro, NC; Houston, TX; Jacksonville, FL; Memphis, TN; and Santa Fe Springs, CA, in order to best accommodate all consumer and purchaser needs.

Alliance Express is based out of Erie, PA. For more information, visit, e-mail, or call toll-free (888) 891-0836.

Company Name: Alliance Express
Company Website:
Phone Number: (888) 891-0836
E-mail Address:


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Build a More Visible Brand by Sharing Press Releases

Written by PR Wire Services. Posted in Homepage

List of press release sites

One of the most important challenges for modern businesses looking to grow is finding ways to stand out on the internet and attract online shoppers, especially since, according to Forrester Research, Americans alone will spend more than $320 billion by 2016. While there are several options and strategies that can be used, sharing press releases on the best wire services can prove to be quite beneficial. Though they have been around for more than a century, press releases still play a valuable role since they can help build a brand and gain consumer trust in particular products or services, especially if they are shopping online.

Generally, press releases have a pretty standard format, and writers will likely need to adhere to it if they hope to get distributed by the best wire services. For the mo

Reid Supply Company Expands Product Inventory

Written by PR Wire Services. Posted in Business

Abrasive belts and buffs

Muskegon, MI – October 21, 2013 – Reid Supply Company, a provider of industrial products for manufacturers and businesses, recently announced the addition of 97 new inventory items to its selection of clamps and clamp accessories. The new inventory spans across many categories, including latch plates, hook assemblies, flanged washers, spindle assemblies, hold-down clamps, pull-action latch clamps, and straight-line action clamps.

Latch Plates

Reid Supply has added two new latch plates to its stock, both of which are of the right-angle pull, two hole type and constructed from stainless steel. These clamp accessories are designed for use with clamp numbers TC-334-SS and TC-324-SS.

Hook Assemblies

Four new hook assemblies were introduced, including J-hook and U-hook types. Made from steel and stainless steel, the new hook assemblies are available for different clamp numbers and supplement a previously existing stock of 16 products.

Flanged Washers

The flanged washer inventory at Reid Supply grew from 10 to 12 with the introduction of the TC-215905 and the TC-105906, compatible with ¼ inch and #8 spindle diameters, respectively and made from stainless steel.

Spindle Assemblies

Reid Supply added four new products to its stock of spindle assemblies which now consists of 80 different items. Each of the new additions has a hex head and is made either from steel or stainless steel. Thread lengths range from 1.77 inches to 4.72 inches.

Hold-Down Clamps

The hold-down clamp inventory saw the largest amount of growth with the addition of 57 new products. With 242 products now in stock, Reid Supply offers clamps of all types, ranging from horizontal clamp-down clamps to pull down hold-down clamps. The holding capacities of the new products also range widely, from 56 lbs. to 211 lbs.

Pull-Action Latch Clamps
With seven new products in its pull-action latch clamp inventory, Reid Supply now offers products capable of holding anywhere from 200 lbs. to 7,500 lbs. The newest additions come in both adjustable u-bolt and j-hook types.

Straight-Line Action Clamps

Twenty-one new products were added in this area, in both 45 degree and horizontal handle orientations, with either straight, tee, or tee with locking release lever handle types. Each product is manufactured from steel or stainless steel and ranges from 1.03 inches to 1.86 inches in overall width.

For more information about the new products now available through Reid Supply Company, visit or call 800-253-0421, toll free.


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