Build a More Visible Brand by Sharing Press Releases

List of press release sites

One of the most important challenges for modern businesses looking to grow is finding ways to stand out on the internet and attract online shoppers, especially since, according to Forrester Research, Americans alone will spend more than $320 billion by 2016. While there are several options and strategies that can be used, sharing press releases on the best wire services can prove to be quite beneficial. Though they have been around for more than a century, press releases still play a valuable role since they can help build a brand and gain consumer trust in particular products or services, especially if they are shopping online.

Generally, press releases have a pretty standard format, and writers will likely need to adhere to it if they hope to get distributed by the best wire services. For the most part, the first paragraph will include basic answers and information about the topic that a business is reporting on. Later, they might want to include a “boilerplate,” where information about the company is featured, and contact information so that journalists and reporters can follow up to ask questions and get comments. The best press release sites will want a standard format, and too much deviation is not always a good thing for distribution.

In the past, even the best wire services were limited to newspapers and other printed publications. Today, however, they have to use the internet in order to reach as many viewers as possible. They can easily be shared in places like social media pages and forums, and can include links to business websites to help build web traffic and increase visibility overall. This can be quite important when it comes to establishing a strong web presence and earning new customers.

Despite their effectiveness, press releases are relatively inexpensive to produce. In fact, they are typically 20% less expensive than the typical ad campaign, on average. As a result, they are a cost-effective marketing tool that can be quite valuable to businesses who want to give themselves an edge by standing out online. Though some might think that the term “press release” is a bit outdated and they no longer have a place, in reality, they certainly do. Their evolution and the changes made by press release submission services means that they are still a powerful catalyst for boosting brand awareness and attracting shoppers.

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