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  • Build a More Visible Brand by Sharing Press Releases

    One of the most important challenges for modern businesses looking to grow is finding ways to stand out on the internet and attract online shoppers, especially since, according to Forrester Research, Americans alone will spend more than $320 billion by 2016. While there are several options and strategies that can be used, sharing press releases […]

  • Three Ways to Make Your Press Releases More Effective

    If you work in public relations, you know how important it is to the business or organization you present to produce effective, free press releases. It is one thing to create informative online PR news. It is another thing to make sure that this news reaches the maximum number of people possible and engages them […]

  • Three Reasons to Take Advantage of Wire News Services

    There is an incredible amount of content being produced on the internet each and everyday. According to Pingdom, there were 51 million web sites created in 2012 alone. Each of those new websites, with however many pages are built into them, represent a source of competition for your online press releases and other content. If […]

  • From a Seed of a Story To Media Coverage With Press Releases

    Free PR wire services are not just for the occasional announcement, you can use a press release submission service to announce changes in your business, product and service roll outs and to to generate journalist connections in the community. This does several things from a marketing perspective. First, it allows you tell your story to […]

  • Stay in Touch with all of the Latest News, with AP Wire Service

    AP press releases are one of the best ways to get your news. The AP wire service is a reliable, constant stream of information and news that comes in from a huge variety of news sources. Think of it as a Twitter feed, just not limited in characters, and not filled with idiots vomiting asininity […]

  • PR News Wires Gives the Best Value On Content

    PR news wire gives me a free press release list. I enjoy the fact that their online pr news can deliver free content. PR news wire gets free content to many places in an instant and for free. Sometimes my back is up against a wall with a deadline and I need fast content. Not […]