From a Seed of a Story To Media Coverage With Press Releases

Press release wire services

Free PR wire services are not just for the occasional announcement, you can use a press release submission service to announce changes in your business, product and service roll outs and to to generate journalist connections in the community. This does several things from a marketing perspective. First, it allows you tell your story to a far greater audience than your current list of clients, contacts and social media connections. Second, it produces long lasting effects on your content marketing or search engine optimization efforts.

When you publish a press release, you are distributing the article to millions of potential viewers that may include journalists, bloggers, and visitors to sites that automatically publish your free press releases. From that one press release, you can then leverage further contacts and media connections to increase your marketing efforts as you share it with your networks and social media connections.

Like many things on the internet, online press release distribution carries a long shelf life. That means that even after your original PR news has appeared, it still has value from the content and the links to your business and website. Used correctly, press releases can provide a sense of authority as well. When you are published or quoted through press releases, you begin to be viewed as an expert. This expert status imparts instant trust from your customers. Finally, press releases allow you to grow your brand and your story to potentially establish future connections with journalists.

In the publishing and marketing domain, there is benefit in even the smaller markets that the free PR wire services distribute to. When smaller market journalists pick up your story, it gives you a base to build upon. Plus, another journalist might be more willing to include your story if someone has already deemed it credible. This produces a social proof, where the more your story is used, the more others want to cover it.

It may seem like a simple article that you are publishing, but your ability to grow connections, viewership and to tell a story all starts with a well crafted press release that only needs to attract a single writer or blogger.

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