Stay in Touch with all of the Latest News, with AP Wire Service

AP press releases are one of the best ways to get your news. The AP wire service is a reliable, constant stream of information and news that comes in from a huge variety of news sources. Think of it as a Twitter feed, just not limited in characters, and not filled with idiots vomiting asininity in 140 letters and posting mindless pictures of no consequence. Sorry, did I seem judgmental there? Anyway, one of the best wire services for you to go to is the AP wire service.

What makes the AP wire service so much more superior to any other news source? One of the most important things that makes the Associated Press so reliably good in their reporting is that they are an independent news organization, dedicated to reporting news from around the world, to the rest of the world. The organization was founded in 1846, and has covered all of the major news events to happen since its founding. Since the establishment in the Pulitzer prize in 1917, the Associated Press has received it 51 times. Earning 20 for their news reporting and writing, and 31 Pulitzers for their news photography.

Their mobile application has won awards and has been downloaded over nine million times, and is your quickest link to the AP wire service. The wire service offers its users instant access to all of the latest news as it is instantly beamed across the world for everyone to read. The Associated Press is not a big time corporation with investors who want only certain stories told, and only told in a specific light. The best reason to follow the AP is that they are simply an organization of individuals dedicated to discovering and reporting all things news, so that the common man and woman at home can stay up to date on things happening both down the street and across the world.

When you are looking for an all encompassing news organization, one that is dedicated to reporting the news for the right reasons, and will go to insane lengths to get the latest information on a breaking story, go right to the source. The AP wire service will allow you that instant and constant access. Do not look for news through a middle man, read it straight from the pens that experienced it.

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