Three Reasons to Take Advantage of Wire News Services

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There is an incredible amount of content being produced on the internet each and everyday. According to Pingdom, there were 51 million web sites created in 2012 alone. Each of those new websites, with however many pages are built into them, represent a source of competition for your online press releases and other content. If you are looking for a way to be a more powerful competitor going forward, here are three ways in which using news wire services can help you to accomplish exactly that.

  1. They Have Connections You Lack
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    Whether you are a lawyer or a food blogger, the fact is that a big part of the equation in spreading your brand around the net is who you know. Reputable newswire services have many, possibly thousands, of connections that they can utilize to get your press releases in front of more people. For instance, the Associated Press has long been one of the most used wire news services on the planet. The AP wire service is subscribed to by over 1,400 news outlets. If you submit your press release to them, chances are high that many people will see it.

  3. They Do the Heavy Lifting
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    Many free press release services offer syndication and more when they accept your press release submission. Business Wire, for example, offers users of its site the help of professionals who are experts in public relations and press release writing services.

    Of course, news wire services also save you a lot of time and frustration by completing time consuming syndication for you. Consider, if you were to submit your press release to all of the outlets a global press release service is connected to, it would take you a very long time indeed. Wire news services effectively automate that process.

  5. Many Are Completely Free to Use
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    The AP press release submission service is completely free to use. Other popular outlets, including PRLog and Reuters, offer vast networks of subscribed syndication outlets without huge price tags or any at all. If you do not have to pay for quality syndication, why would you?

Regardless of the industry you are part of, choosing to submit a press release to reputable news wire services, such as the Associated Press, is an incredibly effective way of syndicating your press releases and spreading knowledge of your brand. It may sound too good to be true, but it certainly is not. Start utilizing these services today!

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